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We happen to have this custom product that might help you in your day to day work.

Samba Server
easy EBS sharing.

This product is our own interpretation and custom configuration of the Samba project that allows you to mount up to 25 EBS drives at the same time, and easily share them across an AWS VPC, or mount them on a local machine through a VPN server.

This is by far the easiest solution to create and run a Samba server. All you have to do is create EBS volume and then add them in User Data. Those volumes will be available to your users as a share :) The implementation is also very easy, they have easy to follow documentation available tha
I managed to install this cheap Samba server in less then half an hour and could share files between multiple Linux EC2 instances, and all that without even configuring the server. Really easy to use and works like a charm. And all that in a very secure manner. Recommended.
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